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With a passion for pickles and a commitment to local farms, Betsy Wharton founded the Clallam Canning Company in 2010. CCC produced and sold locally grown and made food products at farmer’s markets and small grocery outlets around the North Olympic Peninsula.  In 2022, CCC received funding through the WSDA Infrastructure grant program to expand the kitchen and install a restroom for public use, allowing Betsy to share the kitchen with the community. Maple Street Kitchen, LLC was formed in 2023 to offer the kitchen as a shared-use space for artisan processors and food-related workshops and events. The rest will be unfolding.



We are grateful for the opportunity to gather, work, and learn with each other. We strive to nurture our ecosystem, including the living soil, the clean air, the rushing waters, and the precious plants and animals that have been beloved and stewarded by the Salish people for thousands of years.  We celebrate seasonal abundance and are committed to sustainable harvest, safe processing practices and minimizing our ecological footprint.


We endeavor to treat all living beings with kindness and respect as we come together to prepare and enjoy delicious and nourishing foods and medicines.


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Maple Street Kitchen
Maple Street Kitchen

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